Welcome to my new website!

Saturday, August 10, 2019 18:00

Hi there, and welcome to my new website!

I've been thinking about how to best present my books for a while now. Up until now I've used the default option for self-publishers: use Kindle Direct Publishing and hope for the best. Thing is, playing by the rules never really paid off for me. And it never felt right, either. I've always had this innate drive to do things my own way. That's basically why I've never thought twice about self-publishing. Not that I'd say no to a publisher if they made me a really good offer, but I'm not going to chase after them. It's my stories, my characters, my heart and soul, after all.

So now that I've been working on the sequel to Black Knight, I've always felt like I should make the book available for free. It's the first in a planned series, and it's kinda like a big prologue, so it's only fair to give you, my reader, the chance to try and see if you'd like to get involved in the Blue Skies Chronicles.

Starting now, you can read Black Knight for free on this website. How does this work? Simple. Go to the bookshelf, click on the cover and a new tab / window will open with an embedded EPUB reader. For the more technically minded among you, I've used the Open Source epub.js library for this. You can switch to fullscreen mode and it's basically going to work like any other ebook reader. Only you don't have to install anything. All you need is your browser. It works on your desktop as well as on your cellphone or tablet. The reader remembers your last position or any bookmarks you might have added, so you can just close your browser when you're done and come back any time to pick up where you've left off. No need for a seperate reading app. Granted, right now the reader is very bare-bones, and I want to add a lot more functionality, like text zooming, fonts and color options. This is very important to make the reader accessible to everyone. I would love to hear your input on what you want from the reader. Just drop me an email or send me a tweet.

In theory, this should work on any modern enough device with a web browser installed. Many E Ink devices don't come with a web browser installed, unfortunately. In this case, the only option of getting the ebook to you is via an ebook store. Currently, the book is only available on Amazon Kindle, but I am going to make it available on other ebook stores as well. Which is why the book is no longer available on Kindle Unlimited. It would prevent me from making the ebook available anywhere else. So you're going to have to pay if you want to read it on your browser-less ebook reader, but in that case you're also definitely going to get a slightly better reading experience for the moment. You can also still buy the book in print, and that's not going to change either. If you decide to buy the book despite it being available for free, I would be very grateful for your support. But in either case, I very much hope you're going to enjoy it!

Lastly, while the ebook is available for free, I still retain the copyright. Being free doesn't mean public domain, so you're not allowed to sell or adapt it. If you're interested in doing that, please send me an email.


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